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How to install the frameworkLink

The following data analysis framework is built on Python 2.7 and Jupyter Notebooks. Here we will show you how to install it:

  1. Dowload and Install Anaconda for Python 2.7

  2. Visit Github to download the project folder or simply use git.

  3. Open the Anaconda Navigator app and launch the Jupyter Notebook.

  1. Using the Jupyter Notebook website browse your computer to find the project folder.


Go and check How to use the notebook

Learn More

Still wondering what this is? Read this introduction to Jupyter

Advanced Installation

If you are already familiar with Python and you like to avoid installing Anaconda and follow the Advanced users installation

Worried about your existing Python?

Do you have already a Python environment you use for other work and you are worried about updating some packages?

Learn how to load a dedicated environment

Advanced installation featuresLink

How to run the project isolated from your Python environmentLink

Do you have already a Python environment you use for other work and you are worried about updating some packages?

Conda can load a dedicated environment for you to run Python and Jupyter based on the environment.yml configuration file we provide.

Open your favourite shell on the directory you have your project. (cmd.exe on windows)

Run the following commands:

  • This will install and load the Python environment we prepared for iSCAPE

    conda env create -f environment.yml

  • Now activate the environment

    source activate iscape

  • Ready, run to run Jupyter

    jupyter notebook

Advanced users installationLink

If you do not want to install Anaconda you can install all the dependencies manually. Just follow the steps above:

Install PythonLink

Python is the main programming language we will use for Data Analysis.

  • On Windows download and run the installer for Python 2.7
  • Mac cames directly with python built in. However you can install the latest version using Hombrew and then run $ brew install python
  • On Linux simply use your distribution package manager like $ apt in Debian or Ubuntu.

Install PipLink

Pip is the packet manager Python uses and it comes installed by default. If you have any issues you can download pip here.

Installl JupyterLink

Jupyter Notebooks allows us to quickly learn, develop and improve our tools by providing a common convenient framework and UI.

Simply run pip install jupyter on your terminal to install it.

Download the sourceLink

Download from Github or simply use git

git clone

Run the notebookLink

On your terminal go to the folder where tou downloaded your files and then run jupyter notebook this will open a new webpage and you will be available to run your code there.