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Installing the Connectivity Units

The pack

An IP65 box containing a 4G WiFi Access point with two external dipole antennas. Additionally:

  • Mounting fittings
  • SIM card adaptor
  • Ethernet cable
  • User manual

Step by step

  • Open the box with the safety key provided. You should see this inside

  • Before powering the unit, place the SD card in the slot. You can use the adaptor if needed

  • Take the stickers out for the antennas holes and pass them through, leaving the washers as seen below:

  • Power on the unit, and then press the power button in the back. The SSID and the Password for the deployed network should be visible on the AP. Enjoy!

Reconfigure the AP

Follow the instructions in the quick installation guide provided to reconfigure the SSID and Password.