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The Smart Citizen project has had the chance to be part of fantastic projects throughout it's brief history. Ranging from public interventions in urban areas to the development of DIY sensors for agriculture, the team has carried out an enormous efforts to develop a technical platform that supports a wide range of communities on the creation of participatory sensing initiatives.


This page is a summary of these projects that might inspire you in future actions. To mention some of the most important ones, the team has been involved in projects such as the following:

  • Making Sense: advances and experiments in participatory sensing. (Grant agreement Nº: 688620). Making Sense explored how open source software, open source hardware, digital maker practices and open design can be effectively used by local communities to fabricate their own sensing tools, make sense of their environments and address pressing environmental problems in air, water, soil and sound pollution.
  • iScape: Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe (Grant agreement Nº: 689954). iScape works on integrating and advancing the control of air quality and carbon emissions in European cities in the context of climate change through the development of sustainable and passive air pollution remediation strategies, policy interventions and behavioural change initiatives.
  • GROW Observatory: (Grant agreement Nº: 690199). A citizens' observatory for growers, researchers and decision makers, aiming to build better soil through Citizen Science.

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All these projects left us with a great amount of experience and knowledge that we have compiled in this documentation. Find below some of the reports or our guides in the Toolkit Section:

SCK Grow Observatory Protoype

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The examples shown above are fully referenced in the documentation compiled below. They show the vast amount of possibilities offered by the Smart Citizen tools as key enablers of participatory sensing pilots and experiments. By providing meaningful examples of novel appropriations and uses we seek to spire communities to conduct their own experiments and, hopefully, even their own custom tools:

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iSCAPE Station at Hasselt University

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Find below some of our own publications, or others' that have used the Smart Citizen hardware and software: