If we want to leave the kit on the outside for a few days you will need to provide it with extra protection. Below you can see the well-known 3D printed enclosure (for versions without PM sensor):

A note about the enclosures

Previous versions of the Smart Citizen Kit, without the PMS5003 sensor, included a 3D printed enclosure that holds the Data Board and Urban Sensor Board, as well as the lithium batteries. Different versions are available for the SCK 2.1, either with a CNC'ed version, or 3D printed one. Currently, there is no mass produced version at SEEED.

See the CNC'ed HDPE version:

SCK 2.1 - Street 2 A

Or the 3D printed one:

SCK 2.1 - Street 2 A

Want to contribute?

Visit the Smart Citizen Enclosures repository to download, modify, or add your own!

Build your ownLink


Keep in mind that casing is designed for short outdoor deployments. If you want a case for long exhibitions abroad, we will soon have a much more rugged enclosure ready! Also, feel free to explore all our enclosures repository for this and other versions of our hardware.

Step by step

First, you will need the two 3D printed clips. You can download the STL file and print them easily on any RepRap or similar FDM printer. If you don't know how to find a 3D printer, you can look for your nearest Fab Lab or use 3D Hubs.

1.Use scissors to cut an empty plastic bottle at about 12 cm from the top

2.Use the rubber band to fix it using the bottle cap

3.Place the Kit inside and use the rubber band to hold it

4.You have now a simple enclosure to use your Kit outdoors for short measurement periods!

You can now install the sensor outdoors!