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Noise Sensor ImplementationLink

Work in progress


Audio I2S LibraryLink

Audio I2S Base library, intented to be generic purpose audio analysis library for an I2S Microphone on the SAMD21 with:

  • FFT Analysis
  • FIR Analysis
  • Custom window selection
  • Custom weighting function selection
  • Custom buffer size and custom fft bin size (in case of FFT analyser)
  • Custom equalisation
  • Octave auto generation of .h files for coefficients and so on

Smart Citizen Audio LibraryLink

Smart Citizen Audio Library intented for firmware implementation in the SmartSmart Citizen Kit 2.0, with a better usage of memory and SCK related functionalities:

  • FFT analysis
  • Selection of A or C weighting through LUT
  • Two user cases:
    • General audio analysis (sensorRead) with fixed buffer size and fixed FFT bins size (fs = 44,1kHz)
    • Audio Communication with FSK - with information transfer via audio

Source filesLink


Check the source code