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A note about versions

The new Smart Citizen Kit and the Smart Citizen Station development has been developed as part of the iSCAPE project under European Community’s H2020 Programme under Grant Agreement No. 689954


  • Main: Contains the Smart Citizen Kit and Smart Citizen Station documentation to help you use them.

  • Data: Contains all the documentation on data, from collection, storage to analysis and calibration:

    • Platform: Contains all the documentation on the online platform where data is collected, stored and visualised.

    • Data Analysis: Contains all the documentation on the data post-processing framework to obtain insights from the data calibrated by the sensors.

  • Use cases: Contains documentation and use cases examples how to use our tools with your local community.

  • Guides: Contains step-by-step guides for different features of the kit, how to get started, use the shell, or make some more advanced analysis of the sensor readings!

  • Legacy Hardware: Are you a pioneer of participatory sensing looking for the original SCK 1.0 and SCK 1.1 documentation? Check the Legacy Hardware section!


The documentation contains multiple guides as step-by-step tutorials to perform essential tasks as installing a kit or upgrading it's firmware as well.

Open Source

We're against black boxes!

The entire project is released under open source licenses:


Check the Source files section for each component and explore the software source code and the hardware blueprints.