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Welcome to the Smart Citizen project documentation! Check the different sections or get started with our guides.

Laboratorio Ciudadano de Salud Urbana - by LICHEN


  • Main: Contains the Smart Citizen Kit and Smart Citizen Station documentation to help you get started. Visit the Hardware architecture page to understand a bit better how you can better use all the SCK possibilities

  • Data: Contains all the documentation on data, from collection, storage to analysis and calibration:

    • Platform: Contains all the documentation on the online platform where data is collected, stored and visualised
    • API: the documentation of our RESTFUL API and how to interact with it
    • Data Analysis: Contains all the documentation on the data post-processing framework to analyse the sensors data
  • Use cases: Contains documentation and use cases examples how to use our tools with your local community.

  • Guides: Contains step-by-step guides for different features of the kit, how to get started, use the shell, or make some more advanced analysis of the sensor readings!

  • Legacy Hardware: Are you a pioneer of participatory sensing looking for the original SCK 1.0 and SCK 1.1 documentation? Check the Legacy Hardware section!

A note about versions

The new Smart Citizen Kit and the Smart Citizen Station development was possible thanks to iSCAPE, a project under European Community’s H2020 Programme (Grant Agreement No. 689954)


The documentation contains multiple guides as step-by-step tutorials to perform essential tasks as installing a kit or upgrading it's firmware:

Open Source

We're against black boxes!

The entire project is released under open source licenses:


Check the Source files section for each component and explore the software source code and the hardware blueprints.