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We are in Beta!

This documentation is brand new and currently in BETA! You can open an issue with your questions or comments.


  • Main: Contains the Smart Citizen Kit and Smart Citizen Stations documentation to help you use them.

  • Components: Contains all the documentation on the different hardware sensor modules with detailed insights on the sensors behaviour and calibration.

  • Legacy Hardware: Are you a pioneer of participatory sensing looking for the original SCK 1.0 and SCK 1.1 documentation? Check the Legacy Hardware section!

  • Sensor Analysis Framework: Contains all the documentation on the data post-processing framework to obtain insights from the data calibrated by the sensors.

  • Sensor Platform: Contains all the documentation on the sensors web platform where data is collected, stored and visualised.


The documentation contains multiple guides as step-by-step tutorials to perform essential tasks as installing a sensor type or uploading the software on the sensors.

Open SourceLink

We're against black boxes!

The entire project is released under open source licenses:


Check the Source files section for each component and explore the software source code and the hardware blueprints.