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Using the custom power supply

The power supply is very simple to operate. If you have purchased one, normally, everything should be connected and ready to go. In some cases, the AC cable (left screw connector) is not connected, and it can be simply connected through the cable gland into the terminals. No ground is required.

When connecting the plug to the wall socket, the red LED should turn on indicating 5V output. The input is protected with a 1A Fuse and the pack should be enclosed in a waterproof enclosure as detailed here.

The indication LED shows the Power Supply is active. It is also a warning in case you have unplugged it but there is still some charge in it (it might take some seconds to fade out):

More information regarding the power input is shown below and available in the datasheet:

  • Input range: 100V-240VAC 50-60Hz, max 0.25A input, 1A Fused, or 277VAC 0.125A, also 50-60Hz
  • Output range: 5V DC, max 2.0A