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SCK Command Line

The Smart Smart Citizen Kit can be managed over a basic serial protocol. You just need the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor or any other Serial Utility like Screen in order to use it.

How to use it

  • Connect to your kit using any serial utility, any baud-rate should work but 115200 is recommendable.
  • Send the starting commands.
  • Notice all the commands except the starting command($$$) require a carriage return at the end: CR or \r. If you are using the Arduino IDE is enough if you change to “Carriage return” option (drop-down menu at the bottom-right of the monitor window).
  • Call any command you want, change XXX with the corresponding value, filling any space with the dollar ($) character.

SCK Wifly commands

  • $$$ (Wake up the module and activate the Wi-Fi)
  • set wlan ssid XXX (Add a new SSID to memory9)
  • set wlan phrase XXX (Add a new phrase to memory)
  • set wlan key XXX (Add a new key to memory)
  • set wlan auth XXX (Add an authentication method into memory)
  • set wlan ext_antenna XXX (Add an antenna type into memory)
  • exit (Go back to normal operational mode)

If you want to know more about wifly commands look at the WiFly Command Reference

SCK commands

  • ### (Wake up the module and enter SCK commands mode)
  • get mac (Get the MAC address of the kit)
  • get time update (Retrieve the sensor update interval)
  • set time update XXX (Update the sensor update interval, 10-3600 sec)
  • get number updates (Retrieve the max number of bulk updates)
  • set number updates XXX (Update the max number of bulk updates, 1-20 updates)
  • get apikey (Retrieve the kit APIKEY)
  • set apikey XXX (Update the kit APIKEY)
  • get wlan ssid (Retrieve the SSID saved on the kit)
  • get wlan phrase (Retrieve the phrase and KEY saved on the kit)
  • get wlan auth (Retrieve the authentication method saved on the kit)
  • get wlan ext_antenna (Retrieve the antenna type saved on the kit)
  • clear nets (Remove all saved Wi-Fi configuration information)
  • clear memory (Reset to defaults all configuration information)
  • get all (Retrieve all settings saved on the kit in a single line: |version|MAC|ssid,phrase,auth,ext_antenna|hardcodedNets|timeUpdate|numUpdate|)
  • data (Retrieves sensor readings stored in memory)
  • exit (Goes back to normal operational mode)