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Analog Sensor Board

Smart Citizen Station rev3

The SmartCitizen ASB is an expansion board for the Smart Citizen Kit that provides connectivity to analog sensors with a high precission ADS1115 via I2C, with four configurable addresses. It also gives the possibility to directly hook up this ADC by Adafruit.

We use it to measure low power sensors such as the Alphasense Ltd. electrochemical sensors.


Operating voltage

Natively operates at 3.3V, but can use also up to 5.5V in EXT-V, and with a selectable jumper. It integrates a level-shifter from the GROVE connector's voltage to EXT-V.


I2C, from 3.3V up to 5.5V.


Smart Citizen Station rev3

  • 4 channels in the 4-channel version. Daisy chainable up to 4 boards - with a total of 16 analog channels!
  • 8 channels in the 8-channel version.

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