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The Smart Citizen project has had the chance to be part of fantastic projects throughout it's brief history. Ranging from public interventions in urban areas to the development of DIY sensors for agriculture, the team has carried out an enormous efforts to develop a technical platform that supports a wide range of communities on the creation of participatory sensing initiatives.

This section is a summary of these projects that might inspire you in future actions. They show the vast amount of possibilities offered by the Smart Citizen tools as key enablers of participatory sensing pilots and experiments.

By providing meaningful examples of novel appropriations and uses we seek to inspire communities to conduct their own experiments and, hopefully, even their own custom tools.

Check our guides

All these projects left us with a great amount of experience and knowledge that we have compiled in this documentation. Find out how to use them in our guides section:


This is a compilation of friend projects in education, or other that we admire in general.



Development notes

PMS Sensor

Academic publications

Find below some of our own publications, or others' that have used the Smart Citizen hardware and software.

Mentions on academic publications



Working on it

These webinars are currently ongoing!

View the edited video capsules!

You can view the edited capsules here!

More about funding

MINKE project, and has received funding under European Community’s H2020 Programme with Grant Agreement No. 101008724.