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Smart Citizen Power Supply

The Smart Citizen Power Supply is a simple power supply to power the SCK and the Smart Citizen Station with 110-230 AC mains power, including a 1.6A input fuse protection and a 5VDC regulated output.

The power supply can be one of two options:

  • MeanWell-IRM-10-5 (datasheet in References folder and here)
  • TracoPower-TMPS-10105 (datasheet in References folder and here)

Check the datasheets for other available input convertions and limits.


Have a look at the guides for more detailed information on how to operate the power supply.


The PCB has the footprint to fit inside a Bopla Ref. 38102200 IP65 Enclosure with two built-in cable glands.

A Bopla Polymas PK 102-211 enclosure is used. The models can be found in the manufacturer's site in STP format.

Check the source