Auxiliary Connector

The data board features a standard Grove connector where off-the-shelf modules from the same manufacturer can be connected. The connector supports an independent I2C bus by default, but by software it can be configured to support other uses (GPIO, I2C and UART). It can supply power up to 750mA, and it can be enabled or disabled by software to save power.

There is a lot more to it!

The Smart Citizen Kit is designed with a modular approach in mind. This means that the Urban Board is only a selection of low cost sensors for air quality, but the hardware itself can be expanded for other use cases such as a more advanced air quality monitoring setup, soil monitoring, or water quality. Make sure you check our guide on how to use them.

Supported sensorsLink

General purposeLink

Environmental and air qualityLink

Smart Citizen Station

Expanding the base air quality solution, the Smart Citizen Station is a more advanced setup in a more rugged enclosure. The sensors below can be directly plugged in and detected by the SCK:

Water measurementsLink

Check the water measurements documentation with examples on sensors such us the Atlas Scientific Dissolved Oxygen and the DS18B20 Water Temperature

Soil measurementsLink

Check the soil measurements documentation with examples on sensors such us the Chirp Soil Moisture - supports soil moisture (requires calibration), temperature and ambient light.

Other auxiliariesLink

Implement your own

Contact on how to implement sensors made by others.