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How to install the framework

The following data analysis framework is a set of tools built on Python 3.7 to help you analyse your data. It can be used with Jupyter Notebooks or Jupyter Lab, although it is not mandatory.

Before getting started

The framework runs in python 3.6 or more. Download and install python following this guide if you don't already have it.


Open your favourite shell on the directory you have your project. (cmd.exe on windows)

pip install scdata

You can now check if it all works by:

>>> import scdata as sc
>>> ...

Development instructions (advanced)

clone the repository in a directory you like:

git clone
cd smartcitizen-data

Want to stay up-to-date?

The framework is being constantly updated and the only version that will always be up-to-date is in the master branch of the github repository. We do not recommend to simply download the repository but to clone it with git. If you want to learn more about git and why it can help you in your projects, check here

To install it, you can simply run the command below. You can use a virtual environment if you like as well.

python install