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Getting firmware information

There are two ways to get the firmware version:

  1. Using the shell
  2. Following the steps below:

Getting firmware information

  1. Set your kit in setup mode by pressing the ON/OFF button
  2. Connect to the kit with your mobile device as you did during the installation process. You will need to search for a Wi-Fi network called SmartCitizen[···]. If you have multiple kits [···] is the unique identifier of your kit.
  3. Next, go to on your mobile device and click on the top right corner icon:
  4. Here you go!

Obtain your firmware version remotely (advanced)

If you are an advance user managing a big deployment of devices you can obtain remotely the version of all the Kits you have registered by looking at the hardware_info property of each of your devices using the platform API /v0/devices/. When your Kit is in Wi-Fi mode, it publishes the information daily.

"hardware_info": {
    "id": "DFD098A750515157382E3120FF101D12",
    "mac": "B6:E6:2D:66:47:6D",
    "time": "2020-04-14T03:00:24Z",
    "esp_bd": "",
    "hw_ver": "2.1",
    "sam_bd": "2019-11-27T12:49:13Z",
    "esp_ver": "",
    "sam_ver": "0.9.6-4e90c77"

More info in the platform API documentation.