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Custom data processing


This is a WIP. More info coming very soon.

Data is processed outside of the sensors in a periodic way by scdata. There are three ways to have a custom data processing:

  1. Contact us and request it
  2. Set up a development environment and following the example on data processing
  3. Follow the guide below for automatic processing

Automatic data processing

Data is processed in a recurrent manner whenever there is postprocessing in the device. You can check it by visiting<device-id> where <device-id> is the number that follows in the url

How to do it?

Visit these instructions to make sure your postprocessing is safely stored.

The postprocessing is comprised of several fields as defined in the guide above. In order to have custom postprocessing workflows, you need to modify the blueprint_url and maybe, the hardware url. The blueprint_url should point to a valid json file following the structure shown in the examples folder in the scdata repository. Inside this blueprint, metrics can be added to be generated according to the device's available sensors.